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To contribute to a safer society through empowerment & innovation 


We seek to create a safer world by harnessing the innate potential of all people to better themselves and become a positive influence on their world.  Our aim is to contribute towards a future where people are not overwhelmed by the burden of crime, with fewer victims, and a genuine system of justice.

We shine a light on the faceless 'numbers' that overwhelm our justice system - the endless list of victims of crime as well as those caught in the cycle of criminality.  We use compassion, technology and a holistic approach to develop new ways of keeping society safe.

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Preetee Gopaul

Preetee has experience in careers advice, training and the implementation of personal support plans for young and adult offenders.  After completing a degree in Criminology, Preetee focused her studies on situational prison control and crime prevention by pursuing a Master in Crime Science at UCL.  She has extensive experience in a number of community-based provisions, ranging from supporting young people at risk of offending to mentoring adult ex-offenders upon release from custody. More recently, she was a part of the 'In-custody Careers Advice' service at HMP Thameside in South-East London where she coordinated individual and group-based employability and careers advice sessions for serving inmates. A graduate Fellow at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, she has a deep passion for helping people reach their potential through empowerment.

Registered charity: 15209.


+230 5930 0073

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