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Help keep your community safe 

Creating a safer society requires a combined effort from its different parts. This can be achieved through the sharing of technical skills, vital equipment, or the provision of spaces and materials. You may also be interested in contributing some of your valuable time to give back and contribute to a safer world.

If what we do resonates with you, or if you would like to learn more about how you could help grow our impact, please get in touch.

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We value collaboration and understand that by reaching out to others, we can maximise our impact even further.    

If you have experience in the criminal justice sector, corporate governance, child protection, safeguarding, security, prison management, research, HR, finance, accounting, fundraising, marketing, social media, and other areas related to crime prevention and social entrepreneurship, please fill in the form below.  We would love to hear from you!

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If you wish to give back to society, create positive change around you, or even gain new experience and skills, we can assist you in doing so.  As a volunteer, you will be supported and will receive the relevant training you require to perform your tasks.  

There are no vacancies at the moment, but please join our mailing list and you will receive updates on our projects as well as arising opportunities.

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Why Donate?

There are many ways in which you can donate to our cause.  We accept in kind contributions as highlighted on the left and we are grateful for any financial support towards our projects. If you would like to help others in need, make a meaningful contribution, or create positive change, please kindly leave us a message below.  Alternatively our bank details are:

Mauritius Commercial Bank

Account number: 000446105503

IBAN: MU51MCBL0944000446105503000MUR

Swift Code: MCBLMUMU 

Thank You!

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Registered charity: 15209.


+230 5930 0073

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