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Cultivating Community:

Think. Act. Grow.

Learning about crime differently.

This project comprises of a series of 1-day workshops offered to at-risk youths between the age of 15-19 years old.

Participants learn about crime, its potential causal factors, and some approaches that can be used to keep their community safe. They also learn about the challenges facing Mauritius' food and agriculture systems, followed by a hands-on session, learning the basic techniques of growing organically indoors and outdoors. The various cross-cutting themes of the day are consolidated through a visit to an existing community garden that supports members of the local community. There, participants learn how this community garden allows interaction among community members, how it contributes to the beautification of the area, and how it provides food as well as employment to its coop members. At the end of the day, each participant receive a box of fresh, healthy veggies to take back home to their families.

Digital Work Life

National Empowerment Foundation Staff

'Activities for the children were very interactive and learned a lot. Gave the kids an opportunity to express themselves.'

Registered charity: 15209.


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